Crafting Cozy Winter Sanctuaries for Outdoor Cats

A Step-by-Step Guide 

By Meir Snyder

Preparing a winter refuge for community cats doesn’t need to be complicated or pricey. Here's a comprehensive guide to help our feline friends stay warm and safe during the colder months.

Key Shelter Design Principles:

Often used for shipping perishables and medical goods

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Plastic bins with detachable tops

Think Rubbermaid™ containers.

Key Shelter Design Principles:

For a more visual guide on building shelters and to gain inspiration from various designs, visit the comprehensive Feral Cat Shelter Options Gallery.

DIY Shelter Using Storage Bins:

Choose earth-toned bins to seamlessly blend with the environment.

Materials needed: 8-foot x 2-foot sheet of 1-inch thick hard Styrofoam, yardstick, box cutter, and straw.

Assembly steps:

Remember, while this shelter is low maintenance, occasional checks for cleanliness are essential.

By following this guide, you can ensure outdoor cats have a warm and safe haven throughout the winter months.


If you want to make your shelter more inviting to the kitties, sprinkle a little catnip in and around it. If the kitties are going to deal with the cold, they might as well have a good time while they’re at it!